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Start of appeal about legality of suspension of British Parliament

In the United Kingdom, an appeal has started being heard before the Supreme Court, which has to hand down a decision within three days as to whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a right to suspend Parliament.

This after the Scottish Court decided that the five-week suspension of Parliament by Prime Minister Johnson was illegal.

Last week Scotland’s highest Court decided that Boris Johnson’s action was illegal, in contrast to a previous decision handed down a week earlier by a Court in England and Wales. The Preident of the Supreme Court stated that their decision would in no way effect the date of exit from the European Union, and neither would it address political aspects of the discussion on Brexit.

The case before the Supreme Court is being presented by Gina Miller, an activist in favour of the UK remaining in the European union, with the assistance of former British Prime Minister John Major. Johnson is being accused of  trying to silence MPs and stop them from scrutinising his plans for Brexit.

A number of MPs are stating that if the Supreme Court decides against the Government’s decision, Parliament should be reconvened immediately. If the Court decides that Johnson misguided the Queen by his advice, he will have to resign. The UK Attorney General, Lord Richard Keen, said Government would abide by the Court’s decision.

Prime Minister Johnson has lost the majority in the House of Commons, because he wants to take Britain out of the EU by end October, even without an agreement.