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State of South Australia on lockdown – because of an untruth by pizza worker with Covid-19

The State of South Australia has imposed a lockdown based on an untruth by a man who said he became infected with Covid-19 when stating his connection with a pizza outlet. A strict lockdown was imposed on Wednesday after the State identified 36 new coronavirus infections. However, this could have been avoided if the man who tested positive had told the truth, being that he was an employee of the pizza outlet.

Instead, the man told the authorities he had only gone to the shop to buy a pizza. This incorrect information led health officials to assume the man could have become infected when exposed during a very short period, and that the virus is transferred from one person to another with greater ease than had been thought. The Australian authorities expressed their anger and said that if the man had been truthful from the start, the State of South Australia would not have needed to go into a six-day lockdown.