Stay-at-home allowance for parents who look after children to continue until July 3

The stay-at-home allowance intended for parents who, on account of the pandemic have had to stay at home to take care of their children will continue to be given until the third of July. This was announced at a news conference by the Ministry of the Family Michael Falzon where he explained how the Government’s expenditure on these social aids is expected to exceed 17 million by the end of this month.

Minister Falzon, said that as the country began to adapt to a new normal, the number of people who had to rely on social assistance in recent weeks due to the pandemic fell by more than 700.

The Minister also gave a separate account of the aid paid by the Ministry and said that beneficiaries entitled to social assistance fell into four categories and exceeded 13 million euros in a period of three months. He said that after the lifting of several measures tomorrow, certain benefits would cease but the benefit of parents caring for children and the unemployed will continue to be paid for another month.

Asked whether in next Monday’s supplementary budget there would be further proposals to build on the Government’s social response, the Minister stated that this was the scope behind the extraordinary budget.

“The purpose is to help the economy but also to help the people.”

Minister Falzon said that apart from the benefits that were triggered as a result of the pandemic, the Government had continued to provide other social benefits including the children’s allowance and the inwork benefit.

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