Steel structure erected to serve as a roof for one of the two hangers at Ħal Farruġ
Work is progressing at a steady pace at the SR Technics complex in Ħal Farruġ, with a hangar which will be able to accommodate large passenger planes like the A330 starting to take shape through the roof structure. The 40 million euro project is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of the year.
A steel structure slightly smaller than the length of a football ground has been set up to cover a new SR Technics hangar at Ħal Farruġ. The official responsible for the project, Peter Zammit, explained that the structure which will serve as the roof of the hangar to accommodate large planes is 95 metres in width and will only be supported by side pillars.

The difference from other hangars is that instead of being assembled immediately in place, this has been assembled on the ground. Those yellow jacks on the corner and pre-stressing steel cables are being tightened in a certain sequence according to the design, and the roof will take the shape of an arch.”
The process for the structure to take shape took about two hours. This is one of two hangars which can jointly accommodate up to six passenger planes together. The project is being carried out with an investment of some 40 million euro. “Besides this hangar, there is another wide hangar which can take a narrow body, with central supports, and with three bays for a narrow body. There are also workshops between both hangars to serve both, and these are in an advanced state.”
Some 1,200 tons of steel will be used in the project. This will be complemented with an additional 13 million euro investment in a taxiway adjoining the small runway, to accommodate large passenger planes.
During an on-site visit, Economy Minister Silvio Schembri announced a change in the law so that maritime and aviation companies can separate their operation into cells, as has been done with insurance companies. This, the Minister added, reduces the risk element. “When you bring over aviation companies or ships or aircraft to Malta, you make it easy and attractive for them to use services like this industry, which continues to expand the economic cake.”
SR Technics General ManagerArthur Magri said the work on the complex, spread over 20,000 sq.m., should be completed by the last quarter.