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Steward Health Care appoints Dr Nadine Delicata to lead its team

The Government’s new partner in the operation of the three public hospitals, Steward Health Care, has announced the members of its executive team, led by the Chief Executive of the Gozo General Hospital, Dr Nadine Delicata. Dr Delicata will be leading the Steward Health Care team in the management of St Luke’s, Karen Grech and Gozo General Hospitals.

The team will focus on improving the operations of the hospitals, while establishing a high level of care.  Steward Heath Care expressed its faith in the executive team which it said has the experience, qualifications and willingness to improve the level of treatment in each of the hospitals. The President of Steward Health Care International, Dr Armin Ernst, described Dr Delicata as an established and respected manager whose extensive experience will help to fulfill the vision of  Steward Health Care.

Dr Delicata graduated as a doctor from the University of Malta and specialized in Public Health and Strategic Business Management. For a number of years, she worked with the Director General of the Health Care Services within the Health Ministry. She was also responsible for the national breast screening and colon screening programmes. She has been the Chief Executive of the Gozo General Hospital since 2013 and will now serve as the Chief Operating Officer and provisional President of Steward Health Care Malta.

Dr Delicata will be assisted by John Bezzina as Director of Resources,  Micky Singh as Head of Information,  Alessandra Pace as Communications Director, Dr Stephen Zammit as Chief Executive of Karen Grech hospital, and Joseph Fenech who will take over Dr Delicata’s role as CEO of the Gozo hospital.

Dr Delicata said she is proud that the team will form part of a wider spectrum of resources and the recognition of professionals with whom they can grow and share their experiences.  Steward Health Care manages 39 hospitals in Malta and the United States. In mid-February, they signed an agreement to buy the concession from Vitals Global Healthcare, to manage the three hospitals.