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Steward Health Care Malta improves air ambulance service between Malta and Gozo

Steward Health Care Malta has improved the air ambulance service between Malta and Gozo with a modern helicopter which will replace the one being currently used. Apart from this the company will also introduce a second helicopter as a reserve.

The modern helicopter which will be used as an air ambulance is an Airbus Helicopter EC135, a model which is used all around the world to carry patients from one place to the other by air.

The EC135 can carry up to 2,800kg which includes a patient on a stretcher and three members of a medical crew.

The President of Steward Health Care Malta, Dr Nadine Delicata, said that the company has already made giant steps in patient transport which before could only be done with the help of the AFM, and a medical team which would leave from the helipad at St Luke’s hospital. She said that these helicopters are now stationed in Gozo with a medical team always on standby to help patients from the Gozo General Hospital. This investment has saved around 60 precious minutes in emergency cases.

The service is  expected to be launched this February and will be made possible in conjunction with Gulf Med Aviation Services, the operator of Maltese helicopters and maintenance prover.