Strategy launched so less students will drop out from their training or education at an early age

The Ministry of Education has launched a new national strategy so that less young people will drop out early from their education and training

During a press conference to announce the aims of this strategy, it was stated that 16.7% of those aged 18-25 left the educational system without their O levels.

Education Minister Justyne Caruana said the rate in Malta over the last few years has dropped when compared with other EU countries, although it is still one of the highest in Europe. She said we therefore need to work more on this and talks are taking place about this measurement because, according to the Minister, the percentage of young people who do not continue with their training is actually less than this.

She explained that the strategy, which will take us up to 2030, is aimed at addressing the situation at a national level and is built on prevention, intervention and compensation.

She added that it is an important strategy which shows that education is a priority. It is built on the previous strategy which came to an end last year and which does not only focus on educational but also vocational training.

Minister Caruana said that education is a very important key for our country to keep moving forward and to become strong, both economically as well as socially.