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Student wins traditional fish competition with a horse mackerel and honey recipe

Students who love Maltese traditional fish, some of them aspiring to become chefs, won various prizes for their participation in the Fishing for Recipes competition, organised to make Maltese and Gozitans aware of the fish caught by Maltese fishermen.

The first prize went to 11-year old Adreana Chircop who cooked a horse mackerel dish. The event was organised by the fisheries and aquaculture department to commemorate the International Fisheries Day, celebrated last November.

The competition, with the participation of 40 boys and girls, was aimed at teaching children about the Maltese traditional fish, including the lampuka, swordfish, tuna and also octopus.

Fisheries department director, Alicia Said, said that Maltese fishermen caught some 300 species of different fish during the past 10 years that include less popular seasonal fish, such as frigate-mackerel, the Spanish mackerel, and what is known as the ‘pappagall’ fish.

The competition’s winner, Adreana Chircop, expressed her  joy on winning and also learning about fish through the experience. “I am really happy….horse mackerel with honey, I learned a new recipe because we love cooking fish at home”.

Fisheries Minister Anton Refalo said that the competition encourages the Maltese and Gozitans to appreciate Maltese fresh fish, more so as the fishermen faced difficulties during the pandemic due to lack of sales to sustain the industry.

Education Minister Justyne Caruana said that such competition benefits children who are taught about the fisheries industry away from classes, while experiencing the Maltese local product.