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Maltese students join worldwide protests about climate changes

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old girl who has become the symbol of a future generation and every Friday misses out on going to school to raise environmental awareness and concern about current climate change.

Her actions seem to have created a chain of support protests throughout a number of countries worldwide, including Malta.

Today, Maltese students plan to meet outside Parliament so that together with Greta Thurnberg and other young students worldwide they express their concerns about the future of the environment which appears to be regularly deteriorating.

Together with students from 92 other countries, at about 12.30 pm Maltese students will gather to create a greater conscience for the environment while requesting timely actions to preserve it.

Schools that will not be represented at Valletta are being urged to stage their own protests in their own school internal yard.

Those students or children who wish to connect to Greta Thurnberg may apply here:

Greta Thurnberg is from Sweden and very much loves the environment. She feels that matters have reached a crucial stage, so much, that unless actions are taken today before tomorrow, there will be no future for today’s children. She says that human activity is continually ruining the environment, the quality of air and the seas around us, and so, although she is still a young girl, she is working relentlessly for fellow children in the hope that her message does not fall on deaf ears.

Activist Greta has been invited to address various important fora including TEDxStockholm, the UN Conference and the World Economic Forum.

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