MCAST students celebrate their graduation successes

Graduation ceremonies at the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) have reached their half-way point with the MCAST Registrar Maria Pace stating it has been difficult for the students and the college to celebrate merited successes because of limitations and restrictions. She explained that certificates have already been presented but now graduations are taking place according to health guidelines.

All students were requested to confirm their attendance online to gauge the number attending in different segments and these were apportioned according to health guidelines.

We spoke to some of the students who had words of praise for MCAST because besides the theoretical they also had practical sessions.

Violet Vella is an MCAST lecturer and a graduate nearing retirement age who is a lecturer in MCAST’s Community Services of 13 years’ standing and deals with Beauty. However, she is also a mature student because she decided to continue studying for a Masters postgraduate Level 7. Her belief that knowing how much you know it is never enough and she decided to take the course when she was 58 and therefore became one of the most mature students to attend such a course.

Steph Formosa, a lecturer and graduate said that MCAST had given her the great opportunity to increase her qualifications in her hairdressing studies and although thus stops at a certain level, even at international level, and there is no other degree available, MCAST provided her with the opportunity to continue to advance in her qualifications.

Among the new graduates there are 440 students at Masters Level and Bachelor Level, while 1,128 obtained diplomas and 720 obtained certificates.