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Students being professionally trained in science of the Performing Arts

A school of Performing Arts on the University campus is training students in the academic study and practice of the Arts, from dance to music and theatre.

This school is training students from a professional aspect as well as in the science of the Performing Arts.

Chairperson Prof. Vicky Ann Cremona said that students learn critical theory as well as practice.

She said that in the last few years there has been a transformation in the way the Arts are being evaluated in Malta and that more students are managing to fulfill their aspirations in Malta and abroad.

”We are already reaping the fruit from this even from the standard of actors we have…the quality has already improved, as has the level of dance, and we want this level to keep improving and the standards to be compared to those abroad.”

The school director, Prof. Frank Camilleri, said that around 50 students are being trained in various levels of dance, acting, and singing, and said that today this sector can also lead to a career.

”Our graduates always find work in the fields of education and the cultural sector,  we even have MPs who studied theatre, because they have learned to use their minds so well in a certain way that it helps them to adapt themselves to certain situations.”

These students are currently producing their annual show, which this year is based on the seven deadly sins and how they lead to destructive human behaviour. The coordinator of the dance school,  Lucía Piquero said that the aim of the production is to combine the abilities and skills of the students from various disciplines.

“The performance is under the director of Douglas Comley who is an international artist mainly in dance but he is also in music and theatre so what we do is join students from the music dance and theatre departments from different years, and we put them to work together and see how they can bring something to life.”

The production will take place at the theatre of the Old University in Valletta.

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