Students still in time to apply for examinations at intermediate and advanced levels

Students are being given another chance to apply for exams that will be held in September at intermediate and advanced level. This also applies to students who had not registered for the exams which would have taken place in recent weeks had the pandemic not occurred.

MATSEC board director Dario Pirotta said the A levels and intermediate level exams which were to be held in April, will be held in September and the resit held in December.

He said that in addition to those who had applied to take the exams in April (which were automatically moved to September) there are a further 1,000 applications.

“In total, between the students we had before and today’s, we have over 3,000 students who will sit for these exams together in one session be held in September,” (Director of the MATSEC Board, Dario Pirotta).

Regarding the SEC, the assessment this year will be done differently where secondary school graduates will be given a score based on their competencies in the subject according to a predicative assessment and based on the mock examinations.

Mr Pirotta went on to say that a rigorous exercise was currently underway with various teachers and coordinators in schools on order that the result rightly reflects the abilities of the students in the subject.

“We compare all the school papers with the SEC papers, and we assess their level of difficulty for each subject. We are collecting samples of student papers, where we see how they have been corrected i.e. to see how harshly and fairly they were assessed. We do this for each school and on the basis of this, a recalibration is done. We compare one school to another and try to come up with a fair marking for everyone, “Mr Pirotta explained.

He added that all students would have the possibility to improve their result by means of the exam held in September. Asked whether the turmoil brought about by COVID would have an effect on the content that students would be assessed on, Mr Pirotta said that schools closed just when the students were about to start the exams.

“In most cases the syllabus had been completed and a revision was being done in schools so I don’t feel there needed to be any content changes for the student assessment,” Mr Pirotta said.

Students who have not obtained the required marks will be able to start courses provisionally in post-secondary and tertiary institutions until the resits take place in December.

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