Students choosing Mathematics and Physics at advanced level decreased

Statistics published by MATSEC reveal that in ten years there was a decrease in the number of students who sat for Pure Mathematics and Physics exams at advanced level. Compared with 2006, in 2016 there were 7.8% less students for Mathematics and 4.8% less in Physics.

Other subjects which lost popularity in the advanced level were Accounts, Computing and English. On the other hand, an increase was registered in students who chose Maltese, Chemistry and Biology at advanced level, with 3%, 2.4% and 2.1% respectively.

As regards to intermediary level, there was an increase in many students who chose psychology, with more than a quarter of all students sat for the exam in this subject. On the other hand, students studying Philosophy, Sociology and Religion in this level decreased by 10.8%, 6.7% and 6.1% respectively.

The statistics also showed that there is still a gap between results of female and male students, with 14.6% more females who passed the matriculation certificate. There were 28% of students who were born in 2000 who were awarded the matriculation certificate which will permit them to continue with studies at the tertiary level.