Students in final year of secondary school will receive a circular today on when mock exams will be continued

The Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Education Frank Fabri announced this morning that Year 11 students, in other words those who are attending the final year of secondary school, will receive a circular to inform them when mock exams will continue.

He said this during the breakfast show TVAM where he was joined by MUT President Marco Bonnici.

Dr Fabri said that although this group of students will physically go back to school on Friday of next week, as from Monday they will continue with online learning.

Mr Bonnici replied that they are aware of the circular and while saying that some details still need to be discussed, he complained that the Government was more concerned about state schools than Church and Independent schools.

Referring to the opening of schools in in a staggered way over a week, Mr Bonnici said that this was their proposal, however he said it does not make sense to open all the schools at once, and that this should have been done one class at a time.

On his part, Dr Fabri replied that the schools could have been opened all at one go for all grades, as was done in other countries and insisted that the decisions of the authorities needed to be respected.

He remarked that Maltese students are lucky that learning in our country has continued and praised the educators for their work while urging parents who criticise them to appreciate what they are doing.