Students receive their mock assessment results after SEC exams were not held because of COVID-19

As many as 4,000 students this morning received their results from the MATSEC board for the SEC exam subjects which, by way of exception, were not held this year due to Covid 19.

At a press conference by the MATSEC board it was announced that after a rigorous four-month process where marks of the ‘mock exams’ as well as an assessment carried out during the year and in previous years were taken, a fair and just mark was issued.

Dario Pirotta, the Executive Director of the MATSEC Board announced that the results of the main subjects namely Maltese, Mathematics and English were similar to the results achieved by the students last year.

This year, 66.5% passed English, 77.1% passed Mathematics, while 77.1% passed Maltese. He explained, however, that those who were not happy with the mark have a chance to retake the exam in a resit that will take place in September, and those who want to do so, must register between the 17th and the 24th of July.

The results were divided, in grade 3 for those who obtained marks from 1 to 5, grade 2 for marks from 6 to 7, while NA was not a pass mark. Mr Pierre Cassar, spokesperson for the University of Malta, said that the grades were recognized and would continue to be recognised in the coming years without any problems. For this year’s exams, the Matsec board graded 42 subjects, out of 45 schools, 16 state schools, 22 Church schools, and seven independent schools.

The grading process took four months.

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