Students to benefit once again from Culture Pass

Students are going to be given the opportunity to once again benefit from the Culture Pass.

Those who have an interest in the Arts and culture will be able to apply to put up a maximum of four productions in order to express their creativity and get closer to culture.

The second edition of the Culture Pass has been launched in the hope that next year activities will continue where they left off before the pandemic.

90 thousand students from 50 schools can benefit from the Culture Pass which is used to attend cultural activities.

Education Minister Justyne Caruana stressed the importance of the Culture Pass for various reasons, including to motivate students with productions specifically for them, and incentives for artists who have ideas for productions and activities which bring children closer to culture.

“This is a successful project which we have been able to build on throughout the years, because we need to look at education in a wider, more holistic way so that our students will not only be prepared academically with certificates.”

She added that the Arts and culture in times like this help students feel less isolated through their creativity and gives positive results.

“You also see examples in their writing…they use colourful vocabulary and have more ideas in the way they write compositions for example.”

The Minister for Arts and Culture Jose’ Herrera said that no eduction is complete without cultural knowledge, while this field  is also a form of employment.

This, he added should be the reason for more students to abe exposed to cultural activities and added that 7.6% of Government income is from cultural productions.

“Malta employs more than 12,000 people in this industry which contributes 7.6% to our Gross Domestic Product so we want to show students that a career does not just have to be a traditional one.”

He added that despite the pandemic not allowing them to put up any physical productions, 40 schools applied last year and next year there are new initiatives to help both producers as well as students.

“Instead of those putting up the production paying the student, the producer will be paid €5 for every student who attends and obviously that payment will come from us. That is our goal.”

Whoever is interested in applying can do so from today by going to the Malta Arts council website to apply for a maximum of four productions.