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Students unite to send a strong environmental message

A substantial number of students have committed to producing material that delivers a message about environmental sustainability by using less resources and materials which are harmful to the environment. Several Maltese students have achieved outstanding awards in the Young Reporters for the Environment program.

Maltese students have once again taken part in Young Reporters for the Environment amid 37 participating countries. At the same time 20 secondary and post-secondary schools participated in the Litter Less Campaign and came up with new ideas on an environmentally friendly lifestyle. These environmental initiatives were coordinated by Nature Trust.

National Coordinator Audrey Gauci: “we have schools that are taking part in different campaigns: some have worked with mash bags instead of plastic ones; some have targeted junk mail. The school knows where its priorities lie – it might carry out an investigation, make a video, carry articles in a newspaper or on television and through this sends out a message of what is happening and what should be happening. ”

Students have done research on the use of paper and plastic to see inter alia how many trees are cut down for the printing of junk mail, hoping that this practise is completely eradicated.

In discussions with students, Environment Minister Jose Herrera replied to students’ questions about the Government’s efforts to protect the environment. Dr Herrera spoke about the measures for the introduction of harsher penalties against those who are caught littering; the increase of about 80 environmental enforcement offices and the preparation of a consultation document for the total elimination of disposable plastic within three years.

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