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Students with disabilities enjoy unique experience through Erasmus Plus

Some 35 students with a disability at the San Miguel resource centre in Pembroke had a unique learning experience with students from Poland, Romania and Cyprus. Through the Erasmus Plus programme, the students with a disability shared information on their culture through dancing, traditional costumes and even food.

The joy among the students with disability was evident during the activity that included music and dancing which provided them with an opportunity to stimulate their senses. The Maltese students also prepared food for their guests, consisting of the Maltese ftajjar biż-żejt and pastizzi.

The resource centre’s head, Marica Gatt, said that the Maltese students will now visit Romania to continue with the cultural experience. “The project’s aim is that our children are exposed to different traditions and enjoy the things that others may do”.

Ms Gatt said that with these opportunities, children with a disability make advances in their abilities. “The joy we see even by parents and children encourage us to offer quality services”.

San Miguel resource centre in Pembroke provides learning on a full-time basis to 35 students with various disabilities and services to some 70 other disabled students, including teaching of specialized informatics, swimming in a specialized pool and other recreational learning in the development of their skills. The centre also provides services for babies with a disability.

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