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‘Studs yes, earrings no’ – Minister Bartolo

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo has declared that students may wear studs, but not earrings.

This was stated on social media by the Minister, when he explained that he had been approached by some parents who told him they wished their children to wear studs in order to avoid the hole in the children’s ears closing up if no studs are worn.

Minister Bartolo stated he had nothing against students being allowed to wear studs, which are not dangerous, as in the case of some earrings.

The Minister added he had no intention of creating new conflicts in schools.

In an official statement, the Maltese Association of Parents of State School Students, MAPSSS, said the excuse of the children’s safety and health was used for this new decision taken two days ago.

The Association added that children with holes in their ears who end up frequenly wearing and removing earrings because of the new schools directive wil be seriously at risk of an infection.

The association also mentioned that this decision is not referred to anywhere in the policy on uniforms issued prior to the start of the scholastic year, and for this reason urged the Education Department to allow children to wear studs.

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