Study finds people turning to exercise to combat depression caused by Covid-19

A study carried out by the Richmond Foundation has concluded that although many are still scared of Covid-19 and some have even suffered from depression, more people are turning to exercise in order to make good for this situation.

The study found that 39.6% feel themselves isolated because of the pandemic, and this sentiment is felt more in the case of women than men.

More people are experiencing difficulty in sleeping, with the hardest hit being those in the 24 to 45 age group, whilst those aged over 65 are not finding it so difficult, with 58.4% saying there were not experiencing any problems in sleeping.

Persons aged over 65 are being more positive about the situation, and this was linked to the fact that they are being vaccinated.

This was the eighth study carried out by the Richmond Foundation during this pandemic, in order to gauge how it is affecting people’s mental health.