Study on domestic violence to be carried out, on which national strategy will be built

Over the next ten months a study will be carried on the issue of domestic violence which will serve as the basis of a national strategy which will fight against this social plague.

This was announced by the wife of the Prime Minister, Dr Lydia Abela, when she donated €20,000 to the University of Malta to carry out this study, which has the aim identifying the specific measures needed for authorities to be in a better position to address this problem, which continues to increase.

The cases of violence over the last few years have increased considerably and authorities are trying to see what can be done to control this social problem.

Lydia Abela said that one needs to understand why the aggressor reaches the point where he physically and mentally attacks a person who loves him. Dr Abela explained that the most innocent victims are children because they see the people they love fighting.

“I have felt the pain suffered by these children when they see their parents fighting, both physical and mental abuse which they carry throughout their lives and can affect them with mental issues in the future.”

Dr Abela said that despite many services which are offering help to victims, there is also the new Police Unit which has been set up specifically to address domestic violence.

She said that a lot still needs to be done for this problem to be eliminated, which was why she came up with the idea for the University to analyse the situation with a study by the Faculty of Social Wellbeing, and announced that the Government would be financing the research.

“The donation by the Ministry, through the tourism authority will address why aggressors behave like this, what services can be changed and how we can address them better in order to no longer be violent towards their partner.”

The Dean of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, Prof Andrew Azzopardi, said that hundreds of people are suffering from domestic violence and that the study will focus on various aspects.

“We need to first understand what makes a person carry out acts of violence which devastate the lives of all those around them, and then we need to try and break the cycle to ensure that less people will end up suffering from this violence.”

The donation by Dr Abela was given to the Rector, Prof Alfred Vella, so that over the next 10 months, the necessary work will be carried out with professionals and other people who work in the field or those who have been in touch with domestic violence.