Study on metro and monorail transport project expected to be published shortly

A project which, if approved, will change the concept of transport and the presence of vehicles on the roads: a study on the possibility of a Metro or Monorail is expected to be published shortly with Prime Minister Robert Abela saying that the Government was committed to continue to offer alternative and environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Government is in the final stages of publishing a commissioned study on the first mass public transport system in Malta with the possibility of investing in a monorail or metro system in the coming years.

At a news conference earlier this week, Prime Minister Robert Abela spoke about the Government’s willingness to invest in alternative systems of transport.

“I am very excited and in the not too distant future we will be able to present these. In the meantime, the Government will continue to invest in alternative systems such as sea transport.”

In comments to Television Malta, Minister of Transport Ian Borg said that these studies gave a modern and totally different look to Malta. He added that as the Minister of Transport he dreamed about this project taking place. However Minister Borg made it clear that this is not a decision that will be taken overnight.

” We are talking about hundreds of millions. A project, which, should we decide on it, will take decades. Some say it will take 5 years, others say ten, so we need to look at this in a mature and bipartisan manner. ”

Dr Borg said the Government will now be analyzing the impact of this massive project on the country’s finances.

The last time a study on a mass transport system was carried out was in 2008 but focused solely on the tram service. At that time the British company Halcrow Group had concluded that the tram project which was intended to connect the locations around the Grand Harbour with more central ones, required an investment of 325 million euros with annual costs of seven and a half million euros. Meanwhile, according to another more recent report by Architect Konrad Xuereb, it is estimated that a single-line metro project will cost around 4 billion euros.