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Recycled wool will cover St George’s Square in Valletta

Blankets of coloured wool crocheted by Maltese women from recycled wool will cover Valletta’s St George’s Square and more will be sent to Leeuwarden in Holland where an attempt is being made to create a world record with five football grounds being covered in a carpet of recycled wool. This is a project to commemorate Valletta and Leeuwarden having the title of EU Capital for Culture this year, symbolising the current unity of diversity.

Over 170 blankets of wool will cover the Dutch football grounds.

The whole aim of the project is that of illustrating the strength, diversity and unity of society’s cultural aspects.

It all started two years ago when Carmen Ellul saw an advertisement on Facebook by the Fondazzjoni Valletta 2018. She explained she had had the initiative to collect a group of people to make these blankets made up of small squares known as “granny’s squares”.

Carmen said she had began contacting women from clubs and her friends and the initiative continued to grow with some people bringing wool, others bringing crocheted squares and the whole came together to increase the project.

Madlene Muscat is giving a helping hand in the project and she explained the work needed patience and is time-consuming.

She said that she has noticed that just to produce a row takes 45 minutes, not a square but just a row. Three small squares may take an hour and changing over to various covers taken even longer.

Before they begin their voyage to Leeuwarden, on Saturday, the blankets will be displayed in St George’s Square.

Through this effort, the Dutch town is attempting to be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Later the blankets will be distributed to various charitable institutions for people in difficulty, including children, the elderly and the homeless.

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