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Suggestion for discounts on services and products for Kartanzjan holders

Shops and businesses are being urged to offer discounts on services and products to residents in Malta aged 60 and over. In the words of Parliamentary Secretary for Active Ageing Silvio Parnis, this initiative will give new life to Kartanzjan, whilst encouraging the elderly not to stay cooped up in their homes but rather, to remain active in society.

Food outlets, clothes shops and hairdressers are among businesses being urged to offer discounts on their products and services to the 60+ elderly in Malta. This after the Department for Active Ageing issued a call for interest aimed at businesses in the country, in order to encourage the elderly to remain active and help the economy.

The Parliamentary Secretary described this initiative as a new awakening for Kartanzjan.

“Our elderly can use the Kartanzjan to make purchases from shops giving a percentage discount on food, cinemas, clothes, anything they can think of.”

The Chief Executive of Active Ageing Renzo Degabriele stated that all proposals made by businesses will be evaluated.

“We will eventually prepare a booklet for the elderly to make them aware of offers and discounts in the various establishments throughout the country.”

The call for interest will remain open for three months.