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Philippine soldiers killed by their own army

Ten Philippino soldiers were killed and eight others were injured in an attack by their own army. The accident happened in the city of  Marawi, where the Government forces are fighting the militants who are allies of the Islamic State.

The air strike on Wednesday by the Govenrment in which the soldiers were killed, was done with the aim of catching one of the militant leaders, Isnilon Hapilon. Hapilon is on the US’s list of the most wanted terrorists.

The island of Mindanao, which is inside the city, was placed under martial law by President Rodrigo Duterte. The fighting in the streets between the army and the militants has already left more than 100 people dead.

While the majority of the residents escaped from the city, around 2,000 of them are still trapped inside and are being held hostage by the militants.