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Sunday TV program Ħadd Għalik courts political controversy

The entertaining program “Hadd Ghalik”, which was going to feature MPs from both sides of the political divide as well as Pantomime actors, was once again postponed subsequent to a PBS decision.

The program which was due to be broadcast Sunday afternoon was suspended after two Nationalist MPs who were going to participate in the program – David Agius and Toni Bezzina -informed the PBS and the Broadcasting Authority that did not have their permission to broadcast any excerpt in which they featured.

In a statement the PN said that the program had been recorded on 12 November under very different circumstances to those of today and therefore the program ought not be broadcast.

It added that over the years the Nationalist Party had always contributed to programs of this kind, but said that the current circumstances were not normal, and therefore the transmission of this program was not acceptable to Nationalist MPs. This was not done out of any disrespect to all those who took part in the day program, including Labour Party MPs.

In a responsive statement, the Labor Party said that by taking this attitude, the Nationalist Party was demonstrating that it had been hijacked by a group who wanted to bring about division and at a time when people should seek to set aside their differences, the Nationalist Party was doing its utmost to create those differences – first by boycotting Republic Day, and now by making an issue over a TV program.

In a statement, PBS apologised to viewers for cancelling the program and showing a repetition of another program instead. It went on to say that contrary to what was announced in other media, PBS had not received any direction by the Broadcasting Authority on whether or not to air the program.

It said that after the insistence of the two MPs in question who wished to withdrew their participation, PBS felt that this sort of program was aimed at entertaining audiences and was not meant to cause controversy, so it took the decision to cancel the program to steer clear of all controversy.

Because no agreement was reached on the matter, PBS felt that the wisest decision was to suspend today’s program but would be open to broadcasting the program at a later date with all participants, should a solution be reached.

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