‘Sunrise’ – the socio-contemporary comedy now playing at the Splendid Theatre, Valletta

Story Published

“Sunrise” – a socio contemporary comedy and monologue has opened.

Humorous at times, this production is being staged at a theatre in Valletta.

Described by The Guardian UK as an honest and comical production, the socio contemporary comedy “Sunrise” stands out for its particular relevance in the context of contemporary society. Written by actress Jessie Cave who plays the part of Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter series.

The story is about a mother who has just ended her relationship and who is trying to raise her children despite the obstacles that she encounters every day.

Director Chiara Hyzler said that audiences can identify with one or other of the characters which are all played by actress Rebecca Camilleri in a dialogue which is entertaining, relevant and funny.

“Sunrise” will be held in Malta for the first time at the Splendid Theatre in Valletta, which was specially equipped to complement the spirit of the production.

“Working with this space is always quite a challenge cause what we’re going for is an apartment look but as you can see it is a little bit different so we are working very hard now to transform it, the audience will enjoy a transformed space on their way up into the theater and then the theater itself we are trying it make it very homely”.

Rebecca Camilleri will play all the characters.

Sunrise is a production that enjoys international popularity, showing in several theatres in the UK.