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Superintendent Walter Spiteri resigns his post

Superintendent Walter Spiteri, who was head of the Police Traffic Branch, has resigned his post after having been spoken to in the past hours by the Police Economic Crimes Unit, in the wake of his alleged involvement in what sources within the Corps describe as “a web of alleged fraud as a result of absolute anarchy.”

Sources explained that when faced with proof of the alleged abuses in Police extra duties in the section under his control, Mr Spiteri immediately tendered his resignation, and it is not being excluded that officers within the corps who are implicated in the case or who were responsible for the personnel involved will also resign in the coming hours.

A total of 35 officers are being investigated, among them two Inspectors and a number of Sergeants in the Traffic Branch, which has now ended up without officers.

The investigations are ongoing, and no Court arraignments are expected in the coming hours.

In light of this unprecedented situation within the Traffic Branch, Acting Commissioner Carmelo Magri this morning issued an invitation to other members of the Corps in possession of a motorcycle licence (or in the process of obtaining a licence), and who are interested in a posting to the Traffic Branch, to apply by 21 February.

According to sources, the alleged abuses took place mainly in 2019, and involved officers who would be on extra duty in traffic-prone areas where major infrastructural projects are ongoing. Allegedly the officers would report that they were on extra duty, but it results from investigations into the motorcycle and vehicle data track systems that they never reported for work.

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