Superlove, Maltese group based in Berlin launches new single ‘L-aħħar jum ta’ Vaganza’

Superlove, the Maltese group based in Berlin has launched a new video and a second Maltese single entitled ‘L-aħħar jum ta’ Vaganza’ (the last day of vacation)

The lockdown served the group well as it produced a video and song filled with nostalgia as well as the sounds and elements borrowed from such renowned groups as Radiohead, Portishead, Silver Apples and the sounds of the 90s.

Their latest song ‘L-aħħar jum ta’ Vaganza’ was produced at their studio with the help of James Arapicio and Pat Coefficient. The video was filmed by Alexandra Aquilina and edited by Mark Dingli.

You can listen to the song here:

Superlove began introducing music with Maltese lyrics into their repertoire last year. Although the group felt it was a risk to sing in Maltese in Berlin, the music was still well-received.

The group believes that the audience was thirsty for new sounds which emerged from the Maltese lyrics, because they could still understand the gist from the emotion of the lyrics.

Superlove feel that in Berlin, as a multicultural city, the audience is always appreciating new linguistic sounds which are pleasant to the ear.