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Survey shows that 97% of Maltese people consider Maltese as their primary language

A survey on the use of the Maltese and English languages in different social situations showed that 97% of participants consider Maltese as their primary language and clearly shows that in Malta, which is much exposed to English language especially in trade, learning, communication and daily life, the Maltese is very strong even among youths.

The survey, carried out by the National Coucil of Maltese Language and the University’s Maltese Department, in partnership with the National Statistics Office, involved the partipation of 1,000 persons aged between 18 and 80 with Maltese citizenship.

The results also showed that the general trend indicates that the Maltese language remains important for communication by employers and with clients in order for a person to succeed, offers his work, services and products in the local market.

The survey showed that the Maltese and English languages, more than competing with each other, they complement themselves and are used in different circumstances such as in writing and conversations.

Another resulting factor is that the Maltese want more material in Maltese, not to the detriment of the English language. The majority agree that Government sites, letters and leaflets they receive at home, together with forms and official documents and signs on public buildings and places should be in Maltese and English. Another interesing factor of the survey is that the participants consider that Maltese adverts are more effective and that the Maltese wish to listen to more music in Maltese on radio stations.

Reacting to the survey, the Maltese Council and the Maltese Department stated that the survey sheds light on the need of strengthening skills in Maltese and English and, ideally, in a third language as recommended by the EU.

See the survey:  rizultati-stharrig2021_MT-EN