Suspect in Santa Lucia murder to be arraigned in Court

A Libyan man, aged 38, is expected to be arraigned in Court in connection with the homicide in Santa Lucia. He is the main suspect alleged to be involved in the murder which took place in March of this year.

The victim, Victor McKeon, 62, was found killed in his apartment in Misraħ Dorell in Santa Lucia on 17 March.  His body was found in an advanced stage of decomposition, wrapped in black bags and taped with duct tape, and had been left lying on the bathroom floor. The Police were informed that something might have happened to Mr McKeon because he had not been seen for one week. The autopsy concluded that the man had sustained head wounds and had also been suffocated.

Intensive investigations into the murder led to the discovery that the suspect had fled to Morocco before the body of Mr McKeon was found. Six days later, the suspect was arrested in Casablanca after an International Arrest Warrant was issued through the Interpol office in Malta and extradition procedures immediately began for him to be brought back to Malta.

He was brought back on 1 December under police escort by the Major Crimes Unit, the Special Intervention Unit (SIU), on a flight from Casablanca. On his arrival, the suspect was taken under maximum security to the lock up at the Police HQ in Floriana.

He is expected to appear in front of the Duty Magistrate Neville Camilleri.

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