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UPDATED: Sustained grievous injuries after 130 kg man fell onto her from club balcony

The case goes back to 2014 during the feast of Our Lady of Graces at Zabbar, when Stephanie Pisani lost consciousness in the courtyard of St Michael’s Band Club after the club’s cashier Jason Scicluna fell onto her from a balcony.

It was about 4.00 p.m., at the height of the festa celebrations when this incident occurred, with Scicluna, weighing in at 130 kg, toppling over from the club’s internal balcony.

Pisani was transferred to hospital for a neck operation for fractures she sustained, and ended up with a 20% permanent disability.

After hearing evidence, the Court found Scicluna guilty and ordered him to pay Pisani 41,974 euro in damages.

The Court declared that as he was a club representative, it found him responsible for his behaviour and for ongoing activities during the celebrations.

Reaction by Our Lady of Graces Society St Michael’s Band

The Our Lady of Graces Society St Michael’s Band of Zabbar in a statement declared its solidarity with the parties involved in the case.

The Society added that from the time of the case to date there has been a change in the Society’s Central Committee, and the necessary precautions have been taken to avoid similar incidents.

The Society expressed the opinion, however, that there is a shortcoming in an attempt to blame the Committee or its dedicated and professional members.

Whilst the Society said it remains conscious of the fact that the Feast of Our Lady of Graces and the Society attract hundreds of persons, from one year to the next the Society’s Central Committee holds regular discussions with the authorities concerned to ensure more assistance in terms of control and precautions.

The Society further stated that feasts in Malta are not given assistance to take the necessary precautions in regard to health and safety, as is the case with other public activities.

For this reason the Society is appealing for this case to lead to discussions and action for more attention and assistance by the authorities, so that the Maltese festa will continue to be enjoyed in its totality.