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Syrian arrested in Hungary on suspicion of being ISIS member had received suspended sentence in Malta

A Syrian national who had spent some time in Malta has been arrested in Hungary on charges of being a member of a terrorist organisation, and for the murder of persons whose relatives had refused to join the so-called Islamic State.

27-year-old Hassan Farhoud had been found guilty when in Malta of carrying a false Italian identity card in the name of Mohamed Hsin. He had been handed down a six-month sentence suspended for two years after admitting to the charges and declaring he would go back to Greece, where he lived.

The Hungarian media is reporting that Hungarian investigators had spoken to some ten persons about Hassan Farhoud, including persons in Malta and Belgium, in connection with this case. We understand the Maltese Police authorities have cooperated with their counterparts in Hungary and Greece in this investigation, after Farhoud was arrested with false documentation in Budapest in December, and again arraigned in Court on charges relating to human trafficking, until further investigation led the Hungarian authorities to link Farhoud’s name with a number of executions in Syria in the name of Islamic State.

The Greek National Intelligence Agency confirmed that Farhoud had gone to Greece for the first time in 2016, and had been granted asylum on the following year, although at the time it did not possess information which linked him to a terrorist organisation.

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