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Only 11 years old but already dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur

André Micallef is only 11 years old but is already dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur and was one of 140 persons who attended a session for small and medium start-ups organised by Malta Enterprise.

André said he is starting from now to remain informed so that when he grows up he can realise his dream.

He told us he has lots of dreams and he is therefore visiting as many activities of this type as he possibly can so as to know what he has to do in the future. André said his dream is to attend every world summit.

We asked him what he is learning through attending such conferences and his reply was he is learning about ID Identification and how start-ups work.

The Minister for the Economy, Chris Cardona, said the Government has made a lot of endeavour so that company start-ups have all the opportunity to familiarise themselves in their new business venture.

Dr Cardona said Malta’s economy is bolstered and expands through these start-ups for new ideas and services and new products. Between 2015 and 2019 about 80 start-ups benefited from funds of about €2 million provided by Malta Enterprise.

While addressing entrepreneurs that have company start-ups or are interested in setting up their own company, Minister Cardona launched an app containing all the information needed to start a business.

The start-up app carries the name Enterprise Incentives App.

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