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Do you know the symptoms of testicular cancer?

Annually, 20 new cases of testicular cancer are diagnosed while it is estimated that this leads to the death of two males every year. Research carried out last month showed that two out of every three males have no idea how to regularly check their testicles to detect cancer.

The Director for Cancer Cure, Danika Marmara’, has announced that as from the coming year the Oncology Hospital will have a nurses specialised in testicular cancer at act as support for patients from the moment they are diagnosed with it to the moment they start their cure.

Research commissioned by the Marigold Foundation showed that about 11,000 males had some form of testicular disease, including cancer. Researcher Vincent Marmara’ stated the research established that two third of males have no idea as to how to check their testicles for early detection.

He said this means that two out of every three males have no clue about this and do not know how to check their testicles and this clearly indicates that much more information is needed about the subject.

The research established that pensioners and those unemployed are among the most not knowing what they have to do. In addition nine out of every ten males responded their doctors had never told them to check their testicles.

Danika Marmara’ explained that the incidence of testicular cancer mostly affects males in the age category of 15 to 44. She urged males to check their testicles at least once a month.

She said a person should check for stiffness in one testicle more than the other, or if there is a build-up of fluid or maybe feels a lump or otherwise one is much larger than the other, together with a pain in their private part or back pain.

As from the coming year the Oncology Hospital will be offering more services including nurses specialised in testicular cancer.

To the complement of nurses specialised in lung, intestinal, prostate and gynae cancer, there will be nurses appropriately specialised to guide those in their testicular cancer cure.

The Marigold Foundation Chairperson, Michelle Muscat, spoke of the importance of raising greater awareness regarding cancers that affect males just as there is awareness of cancers that affect females. She appealed to all persons not to be afraid of checking themselves.

She said that as well as appreciating and enjoying life this will help to give hope to others they may be cured and able to lead a normal life.

November is the month dedicated to the awareness of cancers that affect males. There will be held the Movember Rock Ball and the money collected will go to organisations that support cancer victims.

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