Discussions for University graduates to have their graduation ceremony

This year and last year’s University graduates during the pandemic period are to be given the chance to be able to celebrate their graduation achievement.

During recent weeks the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) has been in contact with the central administration at Tal-Qroqq to establish whether the graduation ceremony for these students may be held, or not.

On its Facebook page the KSU said that public health officials are being consulted on the possibility of a graduation ceremony being held while Covid restrictions are observed.

If things go well, the KSU said that in the coming days there will be an official declaration on the respective ceremony dates.

It wa added that those students obtaining their first Undergraduate Degree over the last two years will probably have a graduation ceremony later this year, while Postgraduates are expected to have a ceremony at the start of next year.

The KSU said further details will be published in the coming days.