Current Affairs
Talks between Government and the Venice Commission on strengthening the country’s institutions

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne and Minister for Justice Owen Bonnici are holding a meeting with the Venice Commission. The Government requested the help of this Commission within the EU to strengthen the country’s legal structures and institutions.

At the start of the meeting Dr Fearne said the Government has always worked in favour of democracy and the Rule of Law and is prepared to hear and consider all recommendations. He remarked that in recent months a lot has been said about the Rule of Law and the Judiciary and a lot of it had not been based on the truth and thus the presence of the Commission in Malta is highly welcomed.

The Deputy President of the Venice Commission, Herdis Thorgeirsdóttir, said the Commission had accepted Malta’s request. She said the aim of the Commission is not to address individual cases of corruption but to focus on how systems may be improved. She maintained that democracy requires transparency and good governance.