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Take a peek at the house which Queen Elizabeth made home when she lived in Malta

Villa Guardamangia, which was the Queen’s residence in Malta during the 1950s, will pass on to Heritage Malta, after the contract with the government is finalised within six months. The idea is that after intensive restoration this will be transformed into a museum of the history of relations between Malta and the United Kingdom, which also includes several of the Queen’s visits to Malta.

Seventy years ago, this was the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom, when she was still a princess. Although time has taken its toll, Villa Guardamangia still contains a number of items that were used by the Queen, which continue to give historical value to this house.

Villa Guardamangia is the only residence in the world which Queen Elizabeth made home outside of the United Kingdom.

It is part of our heritage, not only because just because the queen lived here, but also a classic example of a baroque building resort.

Head of the public service, Mario Cutajar, said as soon as it is taken over by the government, the Villa will be restored and changed into a museum of the history of relations between Malta and the United Kingdom.

“As you can about twenty rooms, but apart from those there are many artifacts and statues, which were probably in the garden, will need to be restored; the shelters, the stables, separate living quarters on the other side; the size creates an opportunity for restoration to offer a wonderful experience, both for Malta but also for foreigners who visit particularly the British. ”

The CEO of Heritage Malta, Noel Zammit, said that restoration experts have already been brought on site and attempts are being made to involve the royal family in the project. He added that the idea is to restore the villa to the state it was when the Queen lived there.

“On the management plan and research, we also need to do ensure that this villa is faithful to the time the Queen lived there together with other little things to turn this wonderful Villa into a sustainable project. ”

In comments to TVM, the British government said it welcomed the Government’s initiative to restore this gem. TVM is informed that the Government has reached an agreement for the purchase of this villa, and owners have agreed to conclude the agreement with the government rather than the private sector, for it to remain part of Maltese heritage.