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Tal-Barrani Road off-limits at night because of resurfacing works

Resurfacing work on part of Tal-Barrani Road, in the area of Bir id-Deheb, Zejtun, will start tonight. The work is being carried out during the night to reduce difficulties for those who use this stretch of road or work or live in the area.

With effect from tonight and for a number of other nights this part of the road will be closed from both ends between 8.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m., to enable work to be carried out with less danger to the workforce. Traffic management officials will be in the area to guide the public towards alternative routes.

Tal-Barrani Road will be open in both directions daily during the day from 6.00 a.m. onwards. Those travelling in the area are to follow temporary directions, including those for reduced speed, which will be indicated by notices at the sides of the road.

This was pointed out in a statement by Infrastructure Malta, which says that these works are planned to change the road surface from the turn-off to 25 November Avenue (leading to Zejtun) and the Bir id-Deheb roundabout. The work includes removal of the existing surface to enable replacing with  a number of layers of asphalt.

Infrastructure Malta is working on a number of other projects in order to further improve the quality, safety and efficiency of this major route in the South.

More information or assistance regarding these  works is available from Infrastructure Malta on 2334 1000 or on [email protected].