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Talks underway on MATSEC exams scheduled for next month

A final decision has not yet been taken on MATSEC exams for hundreds of students. Although the exams were scheduled to begin in a month’s time, Education Minister Owen Bonnici said that he is having talks with all parties concerned, including the National Youth Council and the union, on the best way forward.

Minister Bonnici said that the government’s priority is the health of students while he assured that any decision taken on the exams will not be delivered suddenly to students sitting for the exams.

“An internal discussion is underway between all possible parties and stakeholders to see that the final result of our decision will be delivered immediately; students will not be faced with a sudden decision, however everything is based on the developing scenario”, the Minister said.

Dr Bonnici added that a taskforce consisting of government, private and church schools representatives, together with MUT, was set up to evaluate the current situation. The taskforce is also looking at what will be done in England, although few details have been given.

The Minister said that whatever the decision, students should not suffer the consequences of the current situation.

MATSEC board chaiperson, Dario Pirotta, shares the same opinion. “We are looking at every option, however we assure students that we will first consider their interest. We understand that this is a different situation than we expected and may affect students in their preparation, but we assure them that this will be considered in our decision”.

The National Youth Council said in a statement that, following consultation with organisations, it is recommending that exams are delayed by three weeks and if it is necessary, are again postponed according to circumstances. The Council stressed that enough time should be given for preparations and mentioned the possibility that the tertiary academic year starts and ends later than usual.