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WATCH: Baby snatched 40 years ago reunited with her proper family

A woman who 40 years ago was snatched from her family has now been reunited with her proper family. This has been achieved as the result of endeavours by a group known as the Grandparents of Plaza de Mayo in Argentina.

The woman, named Adriana and who is now 40 years old, was identified as a result of DNA tests, tests which completely conformed to DNA tests of her parents who it is understood disappeared during the military regime in Argentina.

Adriana is the 126th person that has been found by the Grandparents group whose mission is to locate the victims of the so-called “dirty war” when the Argentinean military used to covertly eliminate those it viewed as its adversaries.

Adriana said that when the “parents” who raised her died, somebody told her she was not their biological child.

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