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Target on central London apartments’ project is half-way through

Fondazzjoni Puttinu officials told TVM that following the weekend’s marathon that raised over 1.6 million euro, the target for the Project of having apartments in Central London is half-way through. Angele Cuschieri and Rennie Zerafa said that the marathon showed that the Maltese people have understood the need for these apartments to ease the families’ and individuals’ suffering while on treatment in London.

The 15th edition of the Puttinu Cares marathon attracted the generosity of families, individuals and companies who donated over 1.6 million euro.

Rennie Zerafa and Angele Cuschieri told TVM that despite feeling tired after hours of work together with volunteers, they feel grateful towards the Maltese and Gozitan people.

“We are happy that the public believes in the project, and gave us the response and responsibility that the raised money is invested once and for ever”.

Puttinu Foundation estimates that it needs 30 million euro for the project of building the apartments in central London.

Angele Cuschieri said “we are half-way through; when you look at the young patients and the patients who went there, and it was themselves who came to assist others, you cannot but help these people”.

Rennie and Angele said they will continue working tirelessly for the peace of mind of Maltese patients who go abroad for treatment, even for a long period.