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Tattoo artists will undergo course to get licence

Licensing of tattoo artists will be the subject of a training course to ensure that health is safeguarded both for the artists and their clients and the public. Ideas on the reform were announced by the Health Ministry which said that a one-month public consultation period will be held on the drafting of the tattoo artists course.

Public Health Superintendent, Dr Chairmaine Gauci, said that due to the use of needles, tattooing carries certain risks such as disease infections, including Hepatitis A and B, and the HIV virus.

She said that the training course will be led by competent persons and will include knowledge on infectious disease, the use and disposal of needles, equipment sterilization, and the cleanliness of the tattoo establishment. Tattoo artists should possess an understanding of the ink they use, skin preparation before the tattooing process starts and clients records.

“When a person applies to work as a tattoo artist, he will need the course which covers the trade necessities. A person who offers these courses should be himself a tattooist with more than five years experience, and should provide competencies in the course through a health care provider”, Dr Gaudi added.

The issuing of a licence for a person to operate as a tattoo artist will be subject to the course from next year.

Deputy PM and Health Minister, Chris Fearne, said that the course covers 45 hours of learning and training approved by the Public Health Superintendent. The required requisites for the tattooing course have already been published and are open for public consultation for a month.

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