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Teacher finds helping hand from former students to fight drug addiction

Clifford Galea is a singer, educator, councillor and television personality who for two whole years was a drug addict.  Today he is completely cured and is sending a message of courage to those still addicted to drugs.

Clifford says that when he initially took cocaine with crack, he thought this was a one-occasion; but he was wrong as he was addicted to the drug and ended even not recognising himself.

“You start doing things you cannot imagine; you do not keep a commitment, do the wrong things, you lie; former students draw your attention and they also assisted me in my recovery; I was supposed to be giving an example”.

It wasn’t easy for Clifford to admit he had a problem – drugs he said brought him debts reaching thousands of euro.

“The money is enormous; the debt is great, and therefore it is about time we work on this. The family suffers, it is a repercussion effect”, Clifford added.


Galea stated that in order to reduce murmuring among people, he went for rehabilitation at the OASI in Gozo where he underwent a three-month programme and is now cured.

Clifford is involved in various creative projects and even published a book in aid of the OASI centre, with recipes of food eaten at the centre. He also met with Pope Francis and says his faith in God helped his cure. “You have to believe and have faith; you have to say I want to stop, and not try the last time, because once is much and a lot is not enough”.

He says that he is speaking in public about his experience because he wants to send the message that this problem can affect everyone, whatever the person’s status in society.