Teacher, folklore scholar Guido Lanfranco dies, aged 90

The death has been announced of teacher, author and folklore scholar Guido Lanfranco at the age of 90.

Born on 18 October 1930, Lanfranco dedicated his life to teaching and research.

He married Salvina Bonnici in 1964, and they had two children – Sandro and Graziella.

In his lifetime Lanfranco taught numerous students, including at De La Salle College and in primary, secondary and technical schools. He also taught advanced biology at the Valletta Upper Secondary School, later to become the G.F. Abela New Lyceum in Msida (now the Junior College), where he became Head of the Biology Department and Assistant Head of school. He had retired in 1991.

Lanfranco sat on a number of education committees and was also a member of several foreign scientific societies. He was president of numerous organisations, first president of the Malta Ornithological Society (today BirdLife Malta), and the Natural History Society of Malta which he had set up in 1962, later to become the Society for the Study and Conservation of Nature (SSCN), today known as Nature Trust.

His writings can be found in numerous periodicals, journals and books. He had been awarded the Bronze Medal of Merit by the Confederation of Civic Councils in 1968 and was awarded the Medal for Service to the Republic in 1996.