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Teachers may now follow courses on Internet

The educational institute which trains and provides renewal courses for teachers and educators to enhance their skills launched an online platform to increase flexibility in access to learning.

The institute’s chief executive, Joanne Grima, stated that the platform will make it more flexible for educators who want to update their skills and competencies, however they were restricted due to their commitments.

“There are parts of the courses online and others not, however we also have a Masters in Educational Leadership that is completely online. Some are critical by questioning whether interaction between people will end. I assure you this is not the case because the way the course is designed will not allow this to happen”, Ms Grima stated.

Education Minister, Evarist Bartolo, said that the project will increase accessibility to learning and expressed hope that educators will update their skills to reach international and European targets.

Parliamentary Secretary for European funds, Aaron Farrugia, said that the digital transformation is bringing changes in our decisions and our lifestyle. He stated that Malta is being a pioneer in new industries in the digital era, even through European funds.

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