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Updated: Water shortage problem solved in Paola schools

Water cuts in two state schools in Paola have led to the teachers’ union, MUT, issuing a directive to all educators in both Paola primary schools, ordering them not to report for work in both schools with effect from tomorrow, and to report instead at the centre for alternative learning.

The MUT stated that the problem has continued to persist despite ongoing works. It added it would not tolerate any situation where schools lack water, further stating the directive would be withdrawn as soon as the situation is remedied.

In a statement issued later in the day, the Union of Professional Educators, Voice of the Workers, said that Minister Owen Bonnici confirmed that the problem on water in the primary schools of Paola had been solved and that it had informed its members that they could report to work tomorrow as usual.

In a similar action, the MUT stopped lessons in two MCAST institutes which lacked a water supply in the facilities, including sanitary facilities.

The MCAST management stated that the lack of water supply was the result of works being carried out close to the campus, and as soon as it was notified, the Water Services Corporation had taken remedial action, and repairs had been concluded by 12.45 p.m.


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