Team ‘building’ at Festa Scouts in Ta’ Qali

The Scout Association of Malta which has about 4,000 members, launched the second edition of Festa Scouts, which saw the participation of more than 1,200 members who gathered in the National Park at Ta ‘Qali.

Each group took care of a particular activity while some even had to build wooden structures bound with ropes. Sean Bartolo said that members of the public could also join the Scouts to participate in the activities.

Bartolo, who is Commissioner for National Activities, said that Festa Scouts falls within the spirit of the Scouts movement which has always striven to involve members in character building activities.

“An activity such as this requires a lot of thought and logistics for which we plan many months ahead. You have to think of health and safety, insurance, while trying to coordinate with other groups,” stressed Sean Bartolo.

Each group held a different activity.

Bred Cardona, a scout from Marsa said that “the Marsa Scouts made an escape tent and a catapult, which attracted many people, especially escape tent, because it was something original.”

Krysle Muscat, a Zabbar scout, explained that her group – which joined forces with the venture unit group – made a monkey bridge, and together made the bridge with different knots.

Erika Laforgea, a scout from Rabat, stressed that such an activity enables Scouts members to share their skills and values ​.

This activity received the financial support of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

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