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Tech.Mt – it’s a whole new world out there for students

The collaboration between the Government and the Malta Chamber of Commerce has given birth to Tech.MT – a new foundation aimed at promoting Malta as an innovative and technology-driven economy.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri said that the foundation will continue to work to attract local and international talent:

“Until now it was only companies and private initiatives which promoted our country as a jurisdiction in this sector. Now thanks to collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce efforts have been combined and will be able to deliver one strong message to achieve results. ”

Chairman of Tech MT, Mark Bugeja said that the Foundation’s top priority will be ensuring that more students receive professional training.

He said that there were still too many discrepancies between the number of graduates and that of skilled workers in the field of information technology. They were not meeting the demands of the market. As a consequence, the posts were being filled by foreign workers:

“Obviously without people we won’t be in a position to do anything here Malta. We have already introduced MCAST and the university has already started to attract students of this calibre who are being give scholarships as well. We are also going to go to Universities abroad where this technology is promoted to try to secure the best talent for Malta”.

The President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Frank Farrugia said that Malta will continue to position itself as a quality destination that offers creative solutions in the areas of technology and information.

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