Teenager collects 10 time the donations he expected in memory of friend he lost to cancer

When Tommy Wallbank, 15, lost his friend Rebecca Zammit Lupi to cancer, he got the idea to collect money for cancer patients in the memory of his friend who was his same age.

He decided to run a kilometre for every €5 donation made,  with his aim being to collect €500 and run 100 kms.

However the funds started rolling in so quickly that not only did the amount collected grow, but even the number of kms he had to run.

In fact, to date he has collected €7,000 which means Wallbank has to run around 1,000 kms, which is basically the length of the entire Sicilian coast.

He has now decided to run a maximum of 1000 kms, which he thinks will take around six months.

“I hope to do it in less than six months. Puttinu Cares is a great cause and I therefore urge people to keep donating because it makes a difference,” he added.